Hello, am a software engineer interested in all things distributed. I am also very passionate about OpenSource technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and system governance. Currently, I am planning on returning to school (more details soon) for a full-time PhD in Computer Science.

I am interested where NLP interacts with reality in which we meat computers live in. Think of application like vision, synthesis, social factorization, common reasoning and physical commonsense and bias inference to name a few. In my approach to NLP, I do not see language as the primary technique. Rather, I see it as additive to the data available - just another input to be leveraged. After all, language is yet another input which can be taken in to reason about our world.

In my blog, I share my thoughts on programming, computer science, machine learning, and other topics which interest me. I also dabble in photography, and you can view my work here. If you want to reach me, reach out via email, twitter (@dalinwilliams), or pony express.

The Dream Team

I would not be where I am if it were not for people who saw talent and potential that I saw myself.

Greg Friedman, for taking my rough professional visage and continually encouraging my growth.

Sumit Basu, for encouraged me to peruse and obtain doctorate degree.

Jayu Katti, for being a great manager when I needed one.

Greg Taylor, for teaching me not to settle and to carry myself with honor.

And many, many more. I will be eternally grateful for your impact upon my life.