My name is Dalin Williams, and I am a software engineer with several years of experience designing, building, and managing distributed systems. I am passionate about using and contributing to OpenSource technology and participating in OpenSource development is vital to my personal and professional growth.

I have recently fostered a burgeoning interest in researching machine learning, artificial intelligence, and AI governance. I plan to attend graduate school (more details soon) to investigate AI interpretability, alignment, and commonsense understanding through natural language processing techniques.

I am interested in researching where NLP interacts with reality- where we actively meet and work with computers in our environments. Think of applications like vision, synthesis, social factorization, common reasoning, physical commonsense, and bias inference. I do not see language as the primary technique in my approach to NLP; instead, it is additive to the available data - another leveraged input. After all, language is another input we use to reason about our world.

In my blog, I share my thoughts on programming, computer science, machine learning, and other topics which interest me. I also dabble in photography, and you can view my work here. If you want to reach me, reach out via email, twitter (@dalinwilliams), or The Pony Express.

The Dream Team

I would not be where I am if it were not for people who saw talent and potential that I saw myself.

Greg Friedman, for taking my rough professional visage and continually encouraging my growth.

Sumit Basu, for encouraged me to peruse and obtain doctorate degree.

Jayu Katti, for being a great manager when I needed one.

Greg Taylor, for teaching me not to settle and to treat myself with self-respect.

Jacob Bond, for continuing to support my transition from academia from industry.

And many, many more. I will be eternally grateful for your impact upon my life.